Yaroslaviv Val Str., 15
(Zoloti Vorota Metro station)


  • convenient location
  • hourly payment
  • tea, coffee and cookies
  • renovated historical building

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    Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years in Ukraine, and for a good reason. No doubt, this is a great choice for startups and entrepreneurs, as well as for large companies looking to save money and get the most creative potential out of their employees. But how to choose the most comfortable coworking space Kiev has to offer which, in addition, will benefit your productivity and professional goals?


    High-speed Internet

    You can use WiFi or high-speed ethernet connection

    Print Zone

    Our office equipment is available for all residents

    Kitchen and Coffee Points

    There is always a kitchen and a basket of cookies nearby


    • convenient location (7 minutes from Golden Gate metro station)
    • work schedule: 8:00 – 20:00 (daily)
    • high-speed internet
    • tea, coffee and cookies are included
    • bicycle parking
    • numbers of nearby cafes and restaurants

    1 day — 600 UAH*
    1 hour — 120 UAH*

    *Skype rooms are not included in the price

    Dedicated desks

    • acces 24/7
    • high-speed internet
    • print zone (printer, scanner)
    • meeting and skype rooms
    • coffee, tea and cookies
    • kitchen and relax zone
    • bicycle parking

    300$ per month

    Why is Peremoga the best solution for you?

    • location near the Zoloti Vorota (Golden Gate) metro station
    • convenient transport infrastructure
    • 24/7 access
    • fast Internet
    • comfortable office furniture and all the needed appliances
    • negotiations and skype rooms
    • coffee points and relaxation zones for residents
    • bicycle parking

    We have prepared several criteria that will help you assess whether this or that coworking Kyiv is right for you.

    1. Location and area
    This is quite obvious, as you will most likely choose a place for a mini-office somewhere in the city center. However, it is important to assess the location of the coworking in terms of accessibility. Check if there is a convenient transport interchange and metro station nearby, estimate the time it will take you to get there on foot, by bike or by taxi. Ask if there is a parking lot nearby. Also, keep in mind what your potential customers may think about the area when they come to the meeting.
    2. Office supplies
    Virtually every coworking center in Kyiv is already equipped with standard office equipment, but don’t forget to ask about everything you will definitely need in the process of work, such as flipcharts, plasma, or projectors. Make sure printing services and access to meeting rooms are included in the rental price.
    3. High-speed Internet
    Home is where the speedy Wi-Fi is. Whether you use the internet only for email and Facebook or for uploading heavy pics and files to the cloud, you will definitely do yourself a great favor if the network connection in your office is stable and secure. Yes, Wi-Fi speed is high enough in most coworking spaces, but you’d better check it for yourself.
    4. Coffee, food, and other bonuses
    In addition to a workspace that helps you focus, it’s equally important finding a rental space that satisfies the smallest details you need to maximize your productivity. Usually, coworking Kiev offers many additional services, such as free coffee and snacks, as well as relaxation areas, to have a rest and communicate with coworkers.
    5. Accessibility
    Regardless of whether your company has working hours or you work on your own schedule, it is advisable to rent a place that is available round-the-clock. Some are more productive in the morning, while others work with other markets and have to hold online meetings at night. Learn how coworking works so you can plan your time effectively and stay flexible

    Tariffs at the Peremoga coworking :

    • Open space ― 600 UAH/ day or 120 UAH/ hour (on the 15 Yaroslavov Val Street)
    • Dedicated desk ― 10000 UAH / month


    Please leave your name and contact details,
    and we will call you soon


      By submitting a request, you agree to the privacy policy.