Event hall and open locations

Yaroslaviv Val Str, 15
(Zoloti Vorota Metro station)


  • capacity: up to 85 people
  • high speed internet
  • comfortable furniture
  • technical equipment
  • coffee break area


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    Working on organizing an event? Need to rent a conference room in Kiev? The event room at Peremoga is the best place to establish and build business relationships, keep in touch with partners and coworkers, and hold a seminar, briefing, conference, presentation, or strategic session. Productive formal meetings are the key to success for any company, so you need to approach the choice of venue responsibly. Here are some points to keep in mind when renting a hall.

    Event hall

    Event halls not far from Zoloti Vorota metro station. Contains up to 55 people.

    • Equipment: a projector, a screen, dual-screen TVs, a microphone and a sound system, a flipchart, possibility of video recording and video broadcasting
    • Organization of space: “cafe” / “theater” / individual format
    • Ability to organize catering and coffee-pause for participants

    Hour — 2000 UAH
    Day -10%

    Event hall (5th floor)

    Hall for events in the center of Kyiv (Golden Gate). Capacity: 85 people

    • Equipment: projector, blackboard, microphones, sound system
    • Organization of space depending on the format of events and wishes. Seating: “group”, “theater”, etc
    • The possibility of organizing catering and coffee breaks for participants.
    • You can additionally book the Mezzanine (+ UAH 1,000/hour)

    The minimum reservation is from 3 hours.

    Hour — 4800 UAH

    OPEN LOCATION in the yard of a historic building

    Open location in the center of Kyiv (Zoloti Vorota metro station). Capacity: 90-150 people

    • a unique space in the yard of the historic house of Sikorsky
    • furniture for the event
    • equipment for coffee breaks
    • 220W and 380W network connection

    Price — 4500 UAH / hour
    Rental is possible from 4 hours on Fri (evening), Sat, Sun.

    TERRACE with a view of Saint Sophia Cathedral and Yaroslaviv Val Street

    Open terrace on the 6th floor of the building with a view of Saint Sophia Cathedral and Yaroslaviv Val Street. Capacity: up to 15 people.

    • furniture for the event
    • equipment for coffee break

    Hour — 1500 UAH (for the first 4 hours)
    Day — 7500 UAH

    Kyiv conference room rent: what to consider?

    1. Location
    It would be more appropriate to choose a location in the city center so it won’t take long for the guests to travel. Especially if they are outside of Kyiv. Otherwise, you will need to take care of an additional transfer for them, taking into account the congestion of transport interchanges.
    2. Conference hall capacity
    You need to bear in mind the size of the hall and the number of participants, let alone other important points, like the tables for coffee breaks with drinks and snacks, which should either be in the hall or in a separate room. Do you need a place to display goods, exhibitions, etc.?
    3. Event room equipment
    The presence of furniture and modern appliances is a must to rent a conference room in Kiev. Think about what you might need for your event: microphones, plasmas, multimedia boards, flipcharts. The more items a space can provide, the less hassle and work you will have with other contractors. Also, don’t forget to test Wi-Fi, so as not to ruin your plans with a bad connection.
    4. Budget
    When choosing a hall for the event, be sure to check with the owners, what is included in the price. To save money, you can choose a location on the outskirts of the city. Another great option is to use the halls for events in coworkings like Peremoga that provide high-quality service and do everything to make their guests feel comfortable.

    Rent an event space at Peremoga

    Before choosing a conference room, we advise you to visit a few selected venues starting with Peremoga, which is located within walking distance of the Zoloti Vorota (Golden Gate) metro station. It has a cozy conference room with a capacity of up to 40 seats, which is ideal for an event of any kind. The room is equipped with modern appliances: a recording board, projector, sound system. We can also take care of coffee breaks and catering for guests. Our managers have vast experience in hosting events of various scales, so no detail will go unnoticed. We guarantee that your guests and partners will be satisfied!

    The cost of renting an event hall of 180 square meters:

    • Hour — 4800 UAH


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      By submitting a request, you agree to the privacy policy.