Yaroslaviv Val Street, 15
(Zoloti Vorota Metro station)


  • private offices
  • dedicated desks
  • coworking
  • event hall
  • meeting room and skype room


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    People usually choose coworking in Kyiv not only because of the convenient workspace but also because of the special atmosphere and the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people. After all, renting a fixed place or an office in coworking is not a question of either an office in a business center or an apartment. It’s both. Today in the city center there are more than 30 offerings from various local and foreign networks, so if you are looking for a “rent office in Kiev Shevchenkivskii district”, making the final choice among real estate might be difficult. We will tell you why renting an office with Peremoga on Yaroslaviv Val street is the best option for both a freelancer and a startup team.

    What is Peremoga?

    Peremoga is a new space for work and events on Yaroslaviv Val street in the Shevchenkivskii district, located in the building of the former Red Star military hotel that has been empty for more than 20 years.


    • third coworking of the Peremoga network (ex #PeremogaSpace)
    • area ― 2,800 square meters
    • 350 desks
    • event hall for up to 85 people

    In all our locations, we convey the concept of victory (uk=peremoga) through the success stories of Ukrainians in the present and in the past. Inspired by the history of the building and the street itself, we dedicated the new space on Yarval to the artistic and literary groups of Kyiv of the 20th century.

    "Single price"

    Access 24/7

    We provide round-the-clock access to the workplace for our residents

    High-speed Internet

    You can use WiFi or high-speed ethernet connection

    Meeting Rooms

    comfortable meeting rooms up to 12 people

    Simple contract

    Transparent and clear terms of cooperation

    Relax Zone

    We have prepared for you game zones, a room for meditation and a massage cabinet

    Print Zone

    Our office equipment is available for all residents


    Individual office for your team (4-12 people) in the historic city center.

    • 24/7 access
    • comfortable modern furniture
    • high-speed internet
    • meeting rooms and print zone
    • kitchen and coffee points
    • Relax zone

    Month — $305 per person + VAT


    • 24/7 access
    • high-speed internet
    • print zone (printer, scanner)
    • meeting rooms and skype rooms
    • unlimited coffee, tea and cookies
    • kitchen and relax zone

    Month — $300 per person


    Open space for hourly work without a fixed workplace.

    • print zone (printer / scanner)
    • kitchen and coffee points
    • unlimited tea, coffee and cookies

    1 day — 600 UAH
    1 hour — 120 UAH


    The halls have all the tools for the best service.
    The capacity of the halls is up to 85 people.

    • high-speed internet (Wi-Fi)
    • comfortable furniture
    • technical equipment (projector, sound system, plasmas, microphones)
    • coffee point (tea, coffee and cookies included)

    The minimum reservation is from 3 hours.

    Hour — 4800 UAH

    OPEN LOCATION in the yard of a historic building

    Open location in the center of Kyiv (Zoloti Vorota metro station). Capacity: 90-150 people

    • a unique space in the yard of the historic house of Sikorsky
    • furniture for the event
    • equipment for coffee breaks
    • 220W and 380W network connection

    Price - 4500 UAH / hour
    Rental is possible from 4 hours on Fri (evening), Sat, Sun.


    Сomfortable meeting rooms of different sizes (4-12 people).

    Equipped with everything necessary for meetings and negotiations:

    • monitor for broadcasts
    • recording surface
    • high-speed internet (Wi-Fi and ethernet)

    Hour — from UAH 800


    Cozy and safe 35 m² space for yoga, stretching and fitness on the 0th floor of the space.

    Included in the price:

    • sound system
    • yoga mats
    • pillows
    • candles
    • 3 warm backlight modes

    1 hour — 1800 UAH
    (for residents — free)



    600 UAH


    Meeting Rooms

    800 UAH


    Event Hall

    4800 UAH


    Dedicated Desk


    per person/per month

    Private office


    per person/per month

    Formats of work

    Hot desk

    This flexible format provides guests with the opportunity to work in coworking from a few minutes to a whole day. There are no fixed workplaces, but all customers have access to a shared print area, kitchen and coffee points with free coffee, tea, and cookies. Price: 120 hryvnias per hour, 600 hryvnias per day (on the 15 Yaroslavov Val Street).

    Dedicated desk

    This option is suitable for both an individual and a small team for a month or longer. Residents receive a comfortable workplace with everything they need for productive work, including comfortable furniture, high-speed internet, as well as access to meeting rooms, shared areas, and relaxation zones. Price: $300 per month / job place..

    Private office

    If you need to rent an office in Kiev Shevchenkivskyi district look no further than Peremoga coworking for it is a great option for young companies of different sizes ― from 4-5 to 15 people. Teams can rent both a separate office and an entire floor with a dedicated entrance to ensure privacy, autonomy, and security. You can also combine fixed workstation and office formats here. Flexibility is a key reason for choosing Peremoga, so we always strive to create the best format for organizing space for your team, and if the number of people and the (mode of working) right jobs change, we will definitely adapt the office for you. In addition to all the benefits available to residents, such as print areas, meeting points, and relaxation zones, office owners can use car and bicycle parking in the courtyard of the historic building. Price: $305 per month / job place + VAT.

    Event halls

    The event hall, with a capacity of up to 85 people, is equipped with everything you may need for events of any format. Customers can use technical equipment, comfortable furniture, and a coffee break area.
    Price: 4800 UAH/hour


    Yaroslaviv Val Street, 15, Kyiv