Meeting rooms

Zoloti Vorota Metro station


  • monitor for broadcasting
  • surfaces for notes
  • high-speed internet
  • possibility of organizing space for individual inquiries
  • support from administrators
  • tea, coffee, snacks

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    Establishing a dialogue to foster mutual understanding and reliable relationships with your team members, customers and partners is the most important aspect of running any business. Dialogues with the team members over a cup of coffee, regular meetings with coworkers, or, on the other hand, negotiations with clients require a comfortable and spacious room for presenting ideas, discussing cooperation, and brainstorming. Therefore, if Kiev meeting room rent is relevant for you, below are some tips to look out for.

    What to consider to rent meeting room in Kyiv?

    1. Location
    Holding a business meeting with several parties can turn out to be a challenge, given that your guests can commute to work from different places. Fortunately, with a variety of options like business centers, renting a meeting room is becoming easier. Our advice: if you have a chance, think about a place with good accessibility for all participants. Usually, this is the city center within walking distance of the subway.
    2. Spacious planning and interior
    In addition to location, another factor that should play an important role in deciding where to hold a meeting should be the purpose of your event. With this in mind, you will be able to decide what layout and what filling of the hall will be needed to ensure maximum performance and comfort. We advise you to find a place that is a little larger than you need at first glance to leave room for maneuver. But still, too much free space will create a feeling of emptiness, while too little will be uncomfortable for participants.
    3. Equipment
    While it is no-brainer that up-to-date audio and video equipment should be present in the meeting room, you should also have access to a variety of office facilities, for instance, if you might need to print or scan some documents at the meeting.
    What’s more, you could rent the most beautiful hall in the city, but when the home page of your company’s site created for your clients, investors or and partners is not loaded properly, then you will be in an awkward position. Look for a meeting room that guarantees a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection to make sure everything goes smoothly during the meeting.

    Meeting rooms
    Yaroslaviv Val, 15 Street
    (Zoloti Vorota Metro station)

    Comfortable rooms for 6-12 people. No matter what kind of meeting you are holding, it will pass comfortably.

    Each room is equipped with:

    • Monitor for broadcasting
    • Surfaces for notes
    • high-speed Wi-Fi
    • Possibility of organizing space for individual inquiries

    small (up to 6 people) — 800 UAH/hour

    large (up to 12 people) — 1400 UAH/hour

    Meeting rooms
    Yevhena Konovaltsia Street, 36D
    (Pecherska Metro station)

    Comfortable meeting rooms for 1 to 14 people, equipped with everything you need:

    • high-speed internet
    • monitor for broadcasting
    • surfaces for notes
    • possibility of organizing space for individual inquiries

    small (up to 6 people) — 500 UAH / hour
    big (up to 13 people) — 700 UAH / hour

    From the 4th hour -10%

    Rent a meeting room in Kiev at Peremoga coworking

    Both locations of the Peremoga coworking are located in the historic center of Kyiv and provide a range of services for meetings and business events, including spacious meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 14 people. Each room is decorated according to the unique author’s project and details that mirror some part of the history of our city. Modern equipment, comfortable furniture, and support from administrators ― all this is aimed to create ideal conditions for your important meetings and events.

    In each meeting room you will find:

    • comfortable tables and chairs
    • projector / monitor for online calls and broadcasts
    • flipcharts
    • high-speed Wi-Fi
    • tea, coffee, snacks

    If the meeting room is not enough, coworking owners will also offer to rent a spacious conference room for up to 55 people.


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