Yevhena Konovaltsia Street, 36D
(Pecherska Metro station)
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  • private offices
  • meeting rooms
  • print zone (printer, scanner)
  • high-speed internet
  • entertainment and relax zones
  • convenient location


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    Are you a fast-growing business that needs a workspace in the center of Kyiv to prosper? Or a young company looking for a place to work with fellow-thinkers? Peremoga offers the ideal turnkey solution: rent office in Kiev Pechersk to get a comprehensive service that covers all your needs.

    Reasons for working at Peremoga today

    Rental cost optimization

    To rent an office in Kiev Pechersk you might need to shell out more compared to some other Kiev districts. The cost per square meter in business centers with a great view and as well as in other similar real estates is often high. In turn, in Peremoga you pay not for the total area, but for the number of desks, which allows you to limit the “dead” area that you won’t be using. The presence of common areas also optimizes the workspace. And due to all this, the price to rent a room for a team of 5-10 people is much lower.

    No additional office hassles

    Renting an office in Pechersk district in Peremoga is an easy thing to do. Customers won’t have to worry about paying for utilities, cleaning, the amount of paper in the printer, buying coffee, or any other household items. Freed from such worries, you will be able to devote more time and energy to the development of your business.

    Networking and friendly atmosphere

    One of the key advantages of using coworking, rather than renting a regular office in a business center or a high-rise building in the Pechersk district, is networking. Peremoga is a place where you can find a new partner in the kitchen. It’s easy as ABC to establish new business contacts or discuss common business ideas in shared co-working zones.


    Unlike working in a formalized business center, at Peremoga you can enjoy a special atmosphere when you do not need to adhere to a dress code or come and leave work at a specific time. This adds more flexibility and which in turn makes a massive impact on performance.

    Increased motivation

    According to the researchers, the teams of startups that use coworking are more likely to remain fully satisfied with their work and motivated than those who use traditional offices. This is due to the strengthening of interaction with other teams, as well as the increasing opportunities to feel part of a larger business ecosystem. And teams that feel inspired are much more likely to do their job more effectively.

    "Single price"

    Access 24/7

    We provide round-the-clock access to the workplace for our residents

    High-speed Internet

    You can use WiFi or high-speed ethernet connection

    Meeting Rooms

    comfortable meeting rooms up to 12 people

    Kitchen and Coffee Points

    There is always a kitchen and a basket of cookies nearby

    Relax Zone

    We have prepared for you game zones, a room for meditation and a massage cabinet

    Print Zone

    Our office equipment is available for all residents


    • convenient location (5 min from Pecherska metro station)
    • 24/7 acces
    • high-speed internet
    • 5 meeting rooms
    • print zone (printer, scanner)
    • relax zone
    • kitchen with tea, coffee and cookies

    Month — $250 per person


    • High-speed internet
    • Monitor for broadcasting
    • Surfaces for notes
    • Possibility of organizing space for individual inquiries

    small (up to 6 people) — 500 UAH / hour
    big (up to 13 people) — 700 UAH / hour
    From the 4th hour -10%



    Private office


    per person/per month

    Meeting Rooms

    From 500 UAH


    What do residents of Peremoga offices in Pechersk get?

    1. Convenient single rate
    For just $220 dollars a month per workplace, customers can enjoy all the benefits of coworking: from comfortable furniture and appliances to coffee points, parking, and shared areas.
    2. Round-the-clock access to the office
    Schedule work and meetings with partners or clients at any time convenient for you. Your workplace is available 24/7, and we will provide ideal working conditions and safety.
    3. Convenient location
    Peremoga is about a 7-minute walk from Pecherska metro station, and the infrastructure of the district allows you to find everything you need within walking distance ― from a cozy cafe to a bank branch or gym.
    4. Comfortable workplace
    The space in the Peremoga office is a combination of modern design and comfort. Here you have a wide table with a comfortable office chair, high-speed Internet, which works smoothly without any interruptions, and perfect zoning to enjoy a bit of privacy.
    5. Staff
    Office management, concierge service, cleaning, security ― all these are another headache of any business that Peremoga takes on. You do not need to look for staff, arrange an interview, hire, manage and pay for all these employees yourself. Just take a laptop and work to your heart’s content.


    Yevhena Konovaltsia Street, 36D